Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Welcome to Uncle Jeffy's Sketchbook!

Welcome, y'all to my new blog!

"But, Jeffy," you say, "What about all those hours of time you've wasted while wasting OUR time over on 'Inside Jeff Overturf's Head'!?  The pre-eminate blog for all things interesting to Jeff Overturf!!!!!  What will happening to THAT vast warehouse of ...well...stuff?"

Not to worry my "Cats and Kittens" out there in the Blogosphere, "Inside Jeff Overturf's Head" will remain out here in cyber-space for the world to enjoy for all eternity.

Or at least as long as I continue to pay Google $5 a year for hosting my stuff.

At almost 1,000 posts though, it's just become too cumbersome to continue adding stuff to and still have a search able base that I'm comfortable with.  

Besides, Facebook won't let me link to it for some oddball reason which I can't figure out, without a big "WARNING"!

I really don't know why and they won't tell me, so here's for them.

In the upcoming weeks I'll be moving things I want to keep current, like my links to some awesome other blogs on the web and a few other things.   And if you're one of my happy "Followers" on the blog, I'll make sure you have a happy home here, too and I hope you'll follow me on over.

Gonna be a lot of sketching and doodling and the like here, maybe not as much long-winded opining AND I hope some stuff you'll enjoy.

Talk to you soon.


  1. Hooray! Jeff you made my day -- thanks for this. Hope to see lots more of your swell comics and cartoons!

  2. That makes MY day, Paul. Great to be back and feel the juices flowing again!