Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tommy the Leprechaun - 3-17-16


Here's my quick sketch of Tommy the Leprechaun, someone of whom I've recently been reminded.

Tommy lived here and about my newly adopted hometown of Missoula, MT. for more than a few years and passed away a surprising 13 years ago (can't be that long).  He spent his days wandering the streets, wishing everyone he passed by a "Fantasmagorical Day!", making balloon animals for the passing kiddies (and the pretty girls), playing guitar and singing in and in front of the town bars and occasionally taking on a job washing windows when he might decide he needed something to eat.  If he liked you, he'd hand you his business card entitling the bearer of to one free wish.

I only got to meet him once, years ago while visiting my family here.  My nephew Brian saw him coming down the street and made sure I got in Tommy's path just in time to be wished a fantasmagorical day and be washed over by this huge positive, happy personality inside this small frame.

I won't say I really "met" him.  He'd fantasmagorically and suddenly known to you.

A bum?  no.  Homeless?  yes.  A tramp, a hobo, a busker, a troubadour?  MOST assuredly!  And all honorable vocations they are.

But his avocation, his raison d'etre?  He walked through a sometimes unpretty and cold world and sprinkled some magic in it.  Be it with animals made of balloons, singing a song worth singing or just reminding you that it's only your frame of mind that can make today fantasmagorical or not.

That was his free wish to you and me and everybody.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I'm sure Tommy would wish you the same.  And tomorrow he'd wish you a Happy Day After St. Patrick's Day and the day after he'd wish you a Happy 363 Days Til the Next St. Patrick's day and so on.

Talk to you soon.

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