Friday, February 19, 2016

Brief Horsie - 2-19-16

Here's another quick departure from my recent regular Aesop's Fables sketches.

Here in my new hometown of Missoula, Montana, there's a community project, charitable outlet or I'm-not-all-that-sure-thingy down in the Riverwalk Park down by the Clark Fork River.  In 1995 they built a carousel.  Sounds basic on the surface, but it's a surprisingly affordable attraction for families to spend some time together, operated year round they even have shutters that surround it in the winter months.

They didn't just import some state fair cookie cutter carousel and call it good, this bad boy was built especially for the town of Missoula...INCLUDING the horses.  Hand carved by staff carvers, families that donate (I believe the going rate is $2,500) get to design their own horse, chariot or in one case a dragon!

Hand carved, hand painted community horsies for the kiddies to ride.

And every one has a name and a back story.

Here's my first cartoony sketch of one.  Horses are not easy to draw for me, especially the legs for some reason, but I'm pretty happy with this.  Sketch was smaller than I would have liked to show all the details of the design, I'll correct that later.

Here's "American Beauty" that was donated by the family of Jim and Jean Caras who own and operate "Garden City Floral and Nursery".  Adorned with American Beauty Roses and an American Flag and a Greek Flag to show Jim's patriotism and pride in his family heritage and a sash across his breast (the "too small for details" disappointment I mentioned earlier) have the faces of their four children carved into it.

This is all endlessly interesting to me and something to really take pride in my new home over.  And I think I nailed the legs.

Only 37 more to go.  :)

Talk to you soon.

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