Monday, February 8, 2016

Widows and Wild Boars - 2-8-16 Aesop's Fables

More in the continuing saga of a middle-aged man and his sketch blog.  We join our hero today STILL obsessed with illustrating various Fables of Aesop...

This one and it's morals are dedicated to any of those "thrifty" folk out there whoever decided to take on a DIY home project (plumbing, carpentry, electrical, etc.) NOT because they had a talent at a certain discipline, but because they think they'll save a couple bucks by not hiring someone.  Only to having to call said professional later and paying that person who actually knows what they're doing double to fix the original problem AND fixing the destruction that YOU'VE caused.

You know who you are.

"The Widow and the Sheep"

A young Widow left by cruel fate to fend for herself one day contended it was sheering time for her sheep and she could gain some profit from his wool, but hoping to save some expense from the Sheerer in town, decided to do the task herself.  Inexperienced as she was and having no real instruction, besides doing a poor job of shearing the wool also ending up scratching, cutting and even stabbing the poor Sheep.  The Sheep finally broke away from her and exclaimed, "How much weight will my blood add to the wool to increase your pay?  This is sheer (hey, there's a pun there) torture, if you want mutton from me, there's a Butcher down the road who will kill me quickly instead of making me suffer.  If it's truly my fleece you want, likewise there's a Sheerer right next door to him!"


"The Least Outlay is Not Always the Greatest Gain."

Hmm.  Is a "Sheer" and professional sheerer, or is it "Sheerer?".  Note to self:  Look that up.

This next one could certainly be glommed onto by those folks out there who hold so dearly their right to bear arms and own guns, I take it in a broader sense.  If I want to move forward and perhaps turn this Aesop thingy in a profit thing like a book, I can't just talk a game.  I have to actually grab a pen and show something concrete.

"The Wild Boar and the Fox"

One calm and conflict-free day, a Wild Boar was in a clearing, sharpening his tusks on a stump.  A passing Fox asked why he was working so hard at such a seeming waste of time.  There were no hunters or other predators in view for the Wild Boar to be readying himself for battle or defense.  The wiser Wild Boar simply said, "I do it now, as it wouldn't do me much good to sharpen my blades at the very time I need to use them.".


"It is too late to whet the sword when the Trumpet Sounds"

Talk to you soon.

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