Thursday, February 4, 2016

Expectations and Good Deeds - 2-4-16 Aesop's Fables

Lotsa human types in today's fables.  Good introspection on all their thoughts?

"The Seaside Travelers"

One day a happy bunch of traveler's were walking along a seashore, when they spotted on the horizon what must have been a great ship.  They saw the opportunity, that if that wait till it came to shore, they could board and expand their travels to far off lands, and so for hours they waited.  As the object moved closer, they could see that perspective had deceived them and what they thought was a grand sailing ship was much, much smaller.  Perhaps only a rowboat.  Still they say the opportunity that presented itself and continued to wait until it came to shore.
Finally after waiting for most of a day, they object was close enough they they could see that it was neither a great sailing ship nor a humble rowboat, but just a huge cluster of driftwood, a great bundle of sticks tangled together and floating on the sea.  "We have waited all day for nothing.  We've cost ourselves a sure day of travels and experiences in anticipation of something which never came."


"Our Mere Anticipation of Life Outruns it's Realities"

Man.  Some of these really hit home.  No wonder they've been told over and over for thousands of years.

"The Serpent and the Eagle"

One day an Eagle saw a Serpent slithering along the ground and found what he thought was an easy catch for his supper.  Once the Eagle had the Serpent in his talons and was aloft heading back to his nest, the Serpent wound himself partially free and wrapped his coils around the Eagle in mid-flight and trapping his wings they both fell crashing to the ground where they continued their battle.  A passerby saw the conflict and seeing the Eagle about to lose, he stepped in and separated the 2, saving the Eagles life.  The torqued off Serpent seeking revenge, spat his poison into the passerby's water jug and slithered off confident he had brought death to at least one of his adversaries.  The man thirsty after his troubles, reached for his jug to slake his thirst when the Eagle who had seen what the Serpent had planned, knocked the jug form the man's hand, spilling the poisoned water on the ground.


"One Good Turn Deserves Another"

This Aesop guy was as smart as Uncle Remus!

Talk to you soon.

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