Friday, February 5, 2016

Under Appreciated Trees and Cocky Spiders - 2-5-16 Aesop's Fables

Honest!  This ISN'T an Aesop's Fable blog.  It's just my sketchbook's going that way for awhile.  You look back on all of this and laugh when I'm done 10 years from now or so.

"The Traveler's and the Plane Tree"

2 Traveler's hot and tired from traversing under the summer sun, spied the broad branches of a Plane-Tree and sought rest and relief of it's shade.  After a spell one Traveler sits up and says to his partner, "You know?  I don't think that there's a more useless tree than the Plan-Tree.  It bears no fruit, no is completely of no use to mankind at all.".  The Plane-Tree rustled it's leaves and said to the Traveler, "You ungrateful POS!  You sit under my expansive shade to find cool relief from the Sun in your travels and dare to call me useless and unprofitable?".


"Some Men Underrate Their Best Blessings"

Next I gave myself the challenge of cartooning a spider and a silkworm.  I think I did a good job of the worm, the spider could use some work.  I think my downfall here was unseen by me, and that's how to color this simple pair.  Oh well, this is a sketch blog and here for experimentation and trials.

"The Silkworm and the Spider"

One day the Silkworm got a Royal order from Princess Lioness for 20 yards of silk, which She began to produce in earnest immediately.  A Spider came by soon and asked to rent a web-room nearby to ply her ways and in hardly any time at all spun an elaborate web of spider's silk upon which she bragged to the Silkworm, "Check out how gorgeous and delicate it is and done in no time.  Fess up, I am a much harder and efficient laborer than you!  Look how fast that was and you still working.".  The Silkworm said, "Yes.  Now no away kid, you bother me.  I'm trying to work on something worthwhile here.  Your webs only act as utilitarian traps for bugs and if any Man sees one, they easily brush it away and destroy your work even faster than you can spin it.  Useless filth.  My labors however are treasured and stored away for use by Royalty.".


"True Art is Thoughtful, Delights and Endures."

Another favorite of mine.

Talk to you soon.


  1. Great stuff as always, Jeffie. I wish this would find a place between hardcovers.

  2. I'm still figuring what I can do with these, though it's evolving naturally and becoming more clear and I'm all for it, too. Thank for the encouragement, Mykal. Little more work and more educating myself, then I'll get to educating myself about the publishing bidness.