Thursday, January 14, 2016

Aesop's Fables: The Bald Guy Series from "L" to "M" - 1-14-15

Here we go again with more Lion exploits from our friend Aesop.  Transforming to the "M" here as both stories have a baldness gag in them.  Almost seems too telling and maybe Aesop himself was bald?  Here's a pic of an Hellenistic statues claiming to be of hissownself.

Doesn't appear to be.  'Course that could be a wig...or he could have bribed the sculptor to chisel him a handsome coif.  Neither here nor there though.  These are a coupla good uns.

"The Lost Wig"

A Lion who had lost his mighty mane found his vanity required he wear a wig to hide his bald pate.  One day while strolling by the riverside, he came to meet with one of the Tiger Sisters.  Just as he pulled together all of his charm to greet her with, a gust of wind came along and blew his toupee off and down the street.  Miss Tiger of course began to laugh at the misfortune of the bald Lion, but his quick mind and sense of humor overcame and he saved his own face by saying, "How could I expect another man's hair to stay put on my head when I couldn't even talk my own hair into sticking around.".


"Wit always has an answer ready"

Our "M" story today is a rare tale of humans handling the chores of being foolish for themselves rather than implicating animals.  This one's about a middle-aged man who had the hubris to court 2 women.  Very different women mind you, as he say to beauty and benefit of both.  He courted one woman younger than him and another who was much older then he.  The Younger woman was embarrassed though to be dating an older man, would pluck a grey hair or two from his head.  The older woman was likewise embarrassed to be seen with a man so much younger than she, so each time she was with him she would pluck a black hair or two from hes head.  Eventually the man was plucked bald, and neither woman found him attractive and dropped him like a hot potato.  From 2 woman companions to 0 in nothing flat.


"Those who seek to please everyone, please nobody."

Ricky Nelson said that, too.

Talk to you soon.

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