Monday, January 25, 2016

Doe. A deer, A female deer. Aesop's Fables doodles 1-25-16

Happy Monday, Kiddoes.  Time for another coupla Aesop's Fables character sketches from your Old Unca Jeffy.

"The Peasant and the Apple Tree"

There once was a peasant with an apple tree.  The apple tree, though it bore no fruit, became a fine and happy home to a family of sparrows and also a group of grasshoppers.  The peasant feeling cheated that he gained no reward or profit from the tree and jealous of the happiness of the insects and birds, resolved to cut the tree down and rid himself of it.  The sparrows and grasshoppers not wanting to lose their home begged of the peasant to stay his ax.  They promised to sing long and sweet.  Songs to constantly lighten his labor and share the benefit of the tree's standing.  The peasant seeing nothing concrete in their silly songs swung his as once, twice and a third time to the horror of the little animals.  On his third strike to the apple tree he had reached the hollow of the tree and found inside a great beehive oozing with sweet honey.  The peasant tasted the honey, saw that it was good and promptly repaired the tree and forever pledged to care for it and protect it from harm.


"Self Interest Alone Moves Some Men"

"The One-Eyed Doe"

A doe with only one eye, used her wits to find a way to graze safely and keep alert to predators.  She found a meadow which opened up on a cliff that faced the sea, so she could position herself with her good eye siding to the open meadow to watch for danger, leaving her blind eye to the cliff from which she assumed would be safe.  One day while happily grazing on sweet grass and alfalfa, a small group of fisherman were returning to their harbor from the sea and saw the vulnerable venison on the hoof and one took great care and aim and threw a spear and caught her mortally in the side.  On the does dying thoughts were,"WTF?


"Trouble Comes from the Direction We Least Expect It."

That's it for today, Kids.

Talk to you soon.

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