Thursday, January 21, 2016

You're Never Too Old - Aesop's Fables 1-21-16

Today's sketches were again of Aesop Fables and these mark the 49th and 50th studies I've done on this topic.  Whether this turns into something more concrete or not, I've surely enjoyed doing them, studying them and sharing them with you all.

Both fables are human stories again, something I had thought was a rarity with Aesop, but now it seems not.  The antagonists in both stories are older people as well, showing you're never too old to learn or appreciate a lesson that life hands you.

"The Old Man and Death"

An old woodsman who had been after his trade for what seemed to him an eternity, was walking back home from the forest with his haul of wood over his shoulder when he decided enough was enough.  He looked to the skies in exasperation and called for the sweet release of death.  "Oh please, Death.  Come end this misery for me.".  Suddenly the figure of Death appeared ready to accommodate the Old Man's wishes.  The Old Man saw the finality of what he had asked, and nervously smiled and lied to him, "I was just stopping here to rest and lay my burden down, and now I need help in lifting it back on my shoulders so I may carry on.  This was the reason for my call.


"We Often Would Be Sorry if Our Wishes Were Granted"
"Careful What You Wish For, You Might Just Get It."

Now from the distaff side.

"The Old Woman and the Wine Jar"

One day an Old Woman was walking down a path, when she came upon a wine jar laying in the road.  Hoping that it would be full, she quickly gabbed it up and brought the mouth to her face to examine.  There was sadly no wine, but the sweet aroma, the intoxicating perfume of the wine was still there and filled her nostrils, her memories and her heart with much happiness.


"The Memory of a Good Deed Lives"
"What Memories Cling 'round the Instruments of Our Pleasure."

Aesop was an old softie.  Just like me.

Talk to you soon.

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