Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Eddie Spaghetti and the Supersuckers

A buddy of mine from Southern California who's a big fan of the band The Supersuckers and lead man Eddie Spaghetti in particular, was recently at one of their shows and purchased some very personal and high-end merch.

He wanted to commemorate this and thank the band somehow so he came up with a comics idea and asked me to draw it.

This is what happened.

There's a little side story to this.  Way back in 2015 (was it really 4 months ago?  Seems like yesterday.) I declared that Chevy Chase would be dead by New Years.  Nathan bet me $50 that he wouldn't be.  This was the most entertainment value that Chevy Chase (all due respect) had provided me with since 1989, so I agreed.

New Years came and went and there were no stories of Chase's body being found by a hotel maid or a woman he was having an affair with or anything.  Sigh.  Chevy you let me down again.  There I was owing $50 over this P.O.S (all due respect).

Nathan, being a kind-hearted soul said I could keep the money and we'd call it even if we collaborated on a few ideas he had.  I figured that was a much better and more fun idea and I didn't want to keep adding to my half a century old Chevy Chase deficit fund.  My bank account was still smarting from the Chevy Chase movies I had paid to see.  Fletch II anyone?  Modern Problems?  Under the motherfucking Rainbow?????  Actually, even as a stupid 18 year old I could tell that last one was going to suck and pocketed my $4.

Anyway, to make a short story long, I figured it would be much more fun to put energy into something positive like drawing Eddie Spaghetti.

Talk to you soon.


  1. Wait, Chevy Chase is still alive? Are you sure? Haha! I love this stuff, Jeffie!

  2. I hold that he may not be. (that'd be JUST like him!) see tomorrow's post, Mykal.