Monday, April 11, 2016

Judgemental Primates and Ungrateful Snakes - 4-11-16 - Aesop's Fables

I'm alive!  Been lax in posting as I've been finding my happy in finding places to play some music.  I've been successful, and more on that later, but in the meantime I HAVE been doodling some.  So let's catch up, shall we?

"The Wolf, the Fox and the Ape"

"One day a Wolf and a Fox got into an argument.  The Wolf accused the Fox of stealing something from him (what it was matters not, probably a fine piece of mutton or some such) and the Fox vehemently denied that he had stolen anything.  An Ape happened upon the quarrel and immediately set up judge-ship over the case.  After hearing both sides impassioned telling the Ape ruled.  "Wolf, I do not believe you lost a thing.  You never owned the item in question so I believe the Fox.  But Fox, I do still find you guilty as I believe you DID steal that from someone as foxes are known thieves.'"


"The Dishonest, even if they act honestly, get no credit."

"The Woodsman and the Serpent"

"One cold and wintery day as a woodsman was returning home from his daily tasks, he spotted something unmoving in the snow.  Upon closer study he saw it was a Snake, frozen and apparently lifeless.  The Woodsman feeling bad for the Snake and hoping beyond hope that he could revive it, tucked the Snake under his coat close to his body and hurried home.  Once home he wrapped the slightly thawed Snake in a blanket and lay him before the hearth.  The Woodsman's children gathered around and with fascination watched the Snake slowly begin to move and shiver and miraculously show signs of life.  When one of the children reached toward the Snake to pet him, the Snake bared his venomous fangs and reared back to strike.  Without hesitation the Woodsman drew back his ax and cut the Snake in 2."


"There is no gratitude from the wicked."

We're getting toward the end of my selections from the alphabetical list of fables I came across...I think this needs further study and I by no think I've plumbed anywhere near the depth it may go.

We'll see.

Talk to you soon.

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