Monday, April 18, 2016

Pretty Good, Not Bad, I Can't Complain - 04-18-16

Hi all.

I haven't much posted more about the fun I've been having playing and singing at the open mic nights around my new hometown of Missoula, MT. but I will.

I have never lost touch with it so I wouldn't call it a rediscovery, but in playing and relying in the catalogue of songs in my head to express to folks I have gotten ever closer to my love of the music of John Prine.

John's 69 years old now and has beaten cancer a second time.  He's hitting the road on tour, so if you get the opportunity to see and hear him in your hometown I suggest you do.

This doodle sprung about while talking with a friend about terrorist acts that are becoming so common in today's world and the way a lot of these radicals hide their own fear-based motivations behind the religion they purport to follow.  People finding reasons to hate people who are different looking than them and using their differences in religion as justification.

Bullshit and fuck you.

I won't go further into this, except to show this drawing, I doodled a few deities that came to mind and I reminded myself of an old Prine song.  Not one of his big songs and one he probably hasn't performed much since the mid 70's when he wrote it, but this lyric seemed to go with the drawing. 

Shut up Jeff!!  We want draw'rings, not you rambling!

Fair enough.

Talk to you soon.

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