Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Golden Age DC Heroes NOT in the JSA or 7 Soldiers - 6-15-16 - Unofficial Original All Star Squadron?

So if there were only 3 super hero teams actually done in the golden age of comics (1938-1952 roughly), 2 from DC (The Justice Society of America, The 7 Soldiers of Victory) and one from Timely/Marvel (The All Winners Squad), then that must have SURELY included all of the golden age comic book super heroes there were, right?????


In the Golden Age of comics, there were well over half a dozen publishers of the=ose grand 4 coor was a BOOM time. It's just that the super hero team was looked at solely as a way to promote their heroes with regular features to increase readership and wasn't seen as the awesome entity it is unto itself.

But what if there WERE more super hero teams of the 40's?  DC alone could have easily filled out there roster to a couple more teams.  Back in the 70's (80's?) Roy Thomas went to the powers that be at DC and wanted to do a book with ALL of his childhood heroes (under license by DC that is) and that included all of DC's roster as well as the recently acquired Quality Comics roster and a few Fawcett creations as well, and called the new team with adventures set back in the 1940's "The All Star Squadron".

I didn't draw the All Star Squadron here, but rather ONLY the DC heroes left over after the 2 actual teams that they actually did do in the 40's.  

The "original" All Star Squadron??

Left to right FRONT:  Johnny Quick, Zatarra, Manhunter, Aquaman, Air Wave, Robotman, The Black Knight.
CENTER:  Lando Man of Magic, Sargon the Sorceror, Gary Concorde the Ultra Man, Mr.America/The Americommando, The King, Tarantula, Liberty Belle.
REAR:  The Gay Ghost, Merry the Girl with 1000 Gimmicks, Little Boy Blue (sans the Blue Boys), Captain X of the RAF, TNT and Dan the dyna-Mite, The Guardian

Quite the roster.

Of course you know, this obliges me to draw more teams that never were from other publishers, right?


Talk to you soon.

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