Friday, June 10, 2016

Sketchbook Origins? - 6-10-16

Hi-De-Ho, Kiddoes!!  Unca Jeffy here again.

I really am giving a concerted effort to posting here more often, every weekday is my goal.  It's very important to my well being if not my drawing skills or anything else.

I've posted a few things about my music and open mics that I get to (the other half of my attempt to remedy my brains lack of serotonin production), and while I was sitting down to write a song last night and going through my song notebook, I came across this drawing I made back in November 2015.

I've actually never been much of a sketchbook person, but back in November I thought it might be a good therapeutic tool for me to use.  This must have been what came out.

Since I've been on a comic book super hero bent of late, I might as well call this one "The Origin of Unca Jeffy's Sketchbook" - the untold story.

See you Monday.

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