Monday, June 13, 2016

Timely's "All Winners Squad" - 6-13-16 - That's "The Invaders" to you!

So I've doodled the Justice Society of America and the 7 Soldiers of Victory, back in the 1940's the super hero "team" wasn't as prevalent a thing as it is now.  While nowadays there are the big 2 publishers (DC and Marvel) back in the 1940's there were more than a handful of prominent comic book publishers, yet it was only DC and Timely (Marvel's precursor) that dipped into this well.

And Timely only did it twice.  All Winners Comics #19 and #21.

Here they are, the All Winner Squad.

Left to right: Toro, The Whizzer, The Sub-Mariner, Captain America, Bucky, Miss America and The Human Torch.

In the 1970's Marvel rebooted the team and ret-conned them as "The Invaders".  Roy Thomas (champion of all things golden age and leader in the comic book fandom movement in general) wrote that series and served them well.

But I'm a purist, and for me it was never The Invaders, it will always be The All Winners Squad and those 2 measly stories.

The rest of their history is a speculative mystery.

Talk to you soon.

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