Tuesday, December 15, 2015

12-15-15 - Dogs is Dogs!

Yippety-boopety, you guessed it, more character doodles from the fables of Aesop.  These 2 from the "D" listings.

I try and do different animals, but sometimes the choices of morals wins out, so here are 2 dogs.  That's OK since we're so closely attached on a daily basis, we easily recognize their different personalities and differentiate one form the other,

The dogs in both of these fables is the goofy one who has to learn the moral from the other animal.

Aesop must not hav had as high an opinion of dogs as we do.

Ignore my numbering of the fables, I need to brush up on how to count.

If your unfamiliar with any of these fables, and would like to know what happens in each, please visit the good folks at Aesop Fables dot com, org or net and check their database.  I name each of those the same as in their alphabetical database.

Talk to you soon.

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