Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Aesop's Fables "K" = 12-30-15

Another Aesop's Fable character doodle, this time from the "K" column.  This one's called "The Kid and the Wolf".  It's got a bunch of hounds in it, too.  They just didn't get any billing.

In this story a Kid (whom we'll assume Aesop meant to be a young goat) was heading back from out in the pasture alone and unprotected, when a Wolf spotted him and pounced upon him.  The Kid using his head played on the Wolf's own vanity at being not just a ruthless killer,but also a fine musician said, "Oh, mighty Wolf.  I know that I am destined to be your supper, ut could you grant me one last wish and favor me with your fine playing?".  The Wolf being as full of pride as he was hunger obliged and the Kid began to dance.  The pipe music and loud clogging by the Kid brought the attention of a pack of Hounds from nearby who came running over the hill to chase the Wolf away.  


"In time of dire need, clever thinking is key"
"Outwit your enemy to save your skin."

Bugs Bunny would be proud.

Talk to you soon.

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