Wednesday, December 23, 2015

12-23-15 - Aesop Fables "H"

Here's a couple Aesop Fables sketches beginning with the letter "H".

Sesame Street would be so proud of me.

I'll lay down a little about what each fable is, but if you should care to skim through any of the over 655 fables, you can find a fine archive here!

"The Hare and the Hound"

A hungry hound is chasing after a hare hoping to make him his supper.  At a certain point, the hound gives up and the hare runs off to live another day.  A nearby goat herd sees all this and laughs at the hound, expounding how much faster and more clever a hare is than the hound.  The hound, understanding the real reason the hare got away, points it out.  Don't you see?  I was only running for my supper, the hare was running for his life.


"Necessity is our Strongest Weapon"

Here's another'n for today.

"The Hunter and the Woodman"

A fierce and proud and braggadocios hunter was looking for the tracks of a lion so he can have a new story of conquest to boast about.  He enters a wood where a woodman is felling oaks and asks, "Have you seen the tracks of a lion, hereabouts?  I seek to overcome him, kill him and mount his hide upon my wall!".  The woodman replies, "To heck with the lion's tracks, I'll show you right where the lion is and you can get him right now.".  The truthfully, not-so-brave hunter shudders and cringes at the thought of actually FINDING a lion and says, "I didn't as for the lion, I asked for his tracks!".


"The True Hero is Brave in Deeds as Well as Words"

There you have it, hope you enjoy.

Talk to you soon.

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