Saturday, December 5, 2015

Moving to Montana Soon...

Just like Frank Zappa said!

'Ceptin', I already moved.  And I ain't no dental floss tycoon.

I moved from loverly Southern California back to loverly Montana after 29 years and 8 months.

I'm calling it an even 30 years.  Sue me.

I flew back on November 3, 2015, wearing only my wardrobe of t-shirt and shorts, to quickly and direly in need of beanie, sweater (best if dressed in layers and long pants.


This was drawn on November 8th because it took 5 days for my drawing arm to thaw out after the shock of the temperature drop of 35 degrees or so.

This was also the first day I've used my sketchbook in a long time.  It's no longer a distraction of silly doodles, I'm to do this per doctors orders.  I have a prescription to draw,

These next 2 slid out of my pen the same day,

My guitar's cold shock.

And lastly, after going to the Walmart to get colored pencils and pens, I had an epiphany.

A realization of a truth that we've all been shown but rarely make the connection.

Ah sweet blind youth.

I hope you enjoyed 'em.

Talk to you soon.


  1. So very Happy to see you back on the page! Welcome Home!

    1. Thanks TC. I'm just happy to see me anywhere.

  2. Shit, I laughed out loud, dude - that first realization! "Color of disappointment." And I don't mean some bullshit "LOL" either.

    1. Much appreciated, Mykal! They won't all be funny, just stream of consciousness stuff...which makes it all the more gratifying when folks see the humor.

  3. Glad your back in Big Sky country Jeff. Enjoy my friend.