Thursday, May 19, 2016

A New Song and Writing More - 5-19-16

Last night I again hit the open mic road.  Wednesday's a good one with The Starving Artist Cafe at 6 and The VFW at 9.

I did a nod to Guy Clark (who died on Tuesday) at "Starving Artist.  I did "Black Diamond Strings", "The Cape", "Dublin Blues" and "Stuff That Works".  That made me happy.

Then I headed up to the VFW and did my own stuff.  I haven't written a new song in years, but just this Monday I did.  There's a place here in Missoula called The Oxford Saloon and it's a great place, too.  The diviest of dive bars with the greasiest of cheeseburgers and breakfasts and a long history which includes selling booze and gambling during some times in our country's history when those things weren't really allowed.

It's always struck me odd, that this place shared a name with one of the finest institutes of higher education in the world.  Then as I got older, it dawned on me, just how many smart people I've met at  the Oxford.

So I wrote a song for all of them.  There's a few lines being flubbed here, but you'll get the idea.

It's been a hit at the couple places I've sung it.  Makes me want to write more. 

It's like a lyric sketchbook.  So it counts.

Talk to you soon.

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