Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dragons are Perennials - 5-12-16 - A Carousel for Missoula

So I have this gig down at "A Carousel for Missoula" here in my new hometown.  I've mentioned briefly before that it's a beautiful old carousel with some updates that make it a real community type dealy,

The original innards and structure of the carousel are from 1918.  Refurbished, repainted, remachined, retooled by volunteers.  Carvers were trained in the art of making carousel horses, and each and every one is hand carved and hand painted.  Each horse was "adopted" by a company or a family here in Missoula, who each got to design their own horse.  Each horse is laden with images and objects that mean something specifically to the adopters, so every horse is COMPLETELY unique and a true work of art.

There are 2 carriages, 37 horses and 1 dragon on the carousel.

1 dragon.

Which nearly EVERY kid from 2-60 wants to ride.

Kids still love dragons.

And they're right to.  Dragons are pretty cool.

Talk to you soon.