Friday, May 27, 2016

"I Ride an Old Paint..." - 5-27-16 - A Carousel for Missoula

Well school's about to let out for the season and that means that summer is truly upon us.  Which of course means "A Carousel for Missoula" will be expanding it's operating hours, opening it's concession stand (mmmmmmmmm shaved ices!) and kids will be letting out happy squeals of joy.

3rd in my irregular series of the horsies here at ACFM, here's almost every one's favorite.


"Paint" is the unique horse "adopted" by Irene and Larry Pirnie.  Larry Pirnie is a local western artist based here in Missoula.  In his paintings, he uses ever changing eclectic bright colors to show the energy of a running, wild horse and that's why Paint stands out so well.  Pink and blue and red and orange and green and lavender and yellow, you'll note that Paint also has no saddle.  Paint is a wild horse.  And kids and adults all love to ride free on her.

Talk to you soon.

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