Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Meeting Missoula at Open Mic - 5-3-16 - The Starving Artist and Ruth!

Howdy all.  I've been exploring a little more of my new hometown of Missoula of late and meeting lots of folks.

I almost said "folks with stories to tell" and it's true that all these people probably do have great stories to tell on themselves, they just don't come out and tell you.

It's Montana, you've gotta listen if you want to hear.

I've been performing (playing guitar and singing) at a bunch of open mics around town.  There's a slew of them.  Imagine Nation brewing Co. on Monday, Stage 112 on Tuesday, Starving Artist Cafe and the Ole Beck Post of the VFW on Wednesday, "The Eagles Lodge and The Broadway on Thursday and a running competition one at The Badlander that I still haven't checked out.  And probably a few more.

Lots of creative community spaces.  Lots of talented and creative people filling them.

This is Ruth.

Ruth is an attractive woman somewhere in her mid 40's I'd say.  I've met her a few times at The Starving Artist Cafe open mic.  She usually brings along a friend who plays guitar while she sings.  This past week, her friend was out of town so she was there by herself.  She told me, "You're about to find out why my friend is the guitar player." in a way of telling me she wasn't very good.  Then she got on stage.

The Starving Artist allows 3 songs.  Ruth's first 2 were great, her guitar playing was nothing to be ashamed of, it was solid rhythm and carried her voice perfectly.  Then her guitar shyness took over.  In fact, it took her to a place I think that would have had most of us WAY more afraid than flubbing a chord change or 2 on a guitar.  She put the guitar down and pulled out a pitch pipe (the kind your 3rd grade music teacher used) and commenced singing A Capella.  She sang "Moon River".  

How a person who's nervous and insecure sings A Capella in the first place is beyond me.  And THEN to take on a Henry Mancini song???

By the time she got to the line about "My huckleberry friend", she had me in a puddle.

Missoula's got some surprises out there.  And you don't have to look that hard to find them.

Talk to you soon.

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