Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Meeting Missoula @ Open Mic - 5-10-16 - Richard of the Dozen String Slide Guitar

More folks I've met at Open Mics.

Richard.  The guy with the dozen-string slide guitar.

Richard may be the first person I met at one of the music open mics I hit.  It was at The Fraternal Order of the Eagles,  Aerie #32.  They do open mic every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month and it was my first try at getting up at embarrassing myself.

Richard got up with a Dobro and a slide on his finger, said something like, "I just moved here, so pardon my Chicago...er...Midwest accent." and then knocked me out with  his playing.

I had to get up after him.  Sheesh.

At the end of my set though, he came up to me, shook my hand and said how much he liked my stuff.

Missoula.  Home of REALLY talented musicians, and not a A-hole in the bunch.

The next open mic two weeks later he showed up with a slide on his finger again, but this time he had his 12 string guitar with him.


Good thing he's such a nice guy or I'd hate him.  As nice and friendly a guy as he is talented.  Maybe more so.

I've seen Richard all over the place now.  The Eagles, Imagine Nation Brewery, The Starving Artist Cafe and even The Ole Beck VFW Post 209.

One time he actually brought a 4 string cigar box guitar.

One time he brought a case full of harmonicas and a flute, just hoping to jam with somebody else.

This is a great town.

Talk to you soon.

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