Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Justice League of America - 5-18-16 - Since DC won't...

People seemed to enjoy my "Jeffy cartoon take..." on the superheroes from the movie "Captain America Civil War".

Marvel has done a really solid job of bringing their characters to the silver screen over the course of 13 movies in 8 years.  DC however....

In the same time frame they've done 2.  Both of them reeked to high heaven.

They've so far starred 2 of their characters (Superman, Batman), featured 1 (Wonder Woman) and cameoed 2 (Flash, Aquaman).

Step on the gas, DC.

So since they're never going to get around to making a good Justice League movie (they are doing a movie, it just won't be good) I thought I'd cartoon me up a version of my own.

To be fair, DC does a kick-ass job with it's animated forays and it's TV versions of these heroes currently on CW/CBS have been lots of fun.

I'll point out that while they've onnly brought 3 of their heroes to the big screen, no less than 8 pictured here have appeared full-bore on their TV shows (Red Tornado, Hawkman, J'onn J'onzz, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Flash and the Atom), 1 has appeared from a distance, in silhouette and mentioned often (Superman) and at least TWO more have at least been alluded to (Green Lantern, Elongated Man).

Seriously, DC.  Pull the trigger on the movies.

Talk to you soon.

Pictured: (top row) Red Tornado, Green Lantern, Hawkman, J'onn J'onzz, Friestorm.
(bottom row) Green Arrow, Black Canary, Aquaman, Superman, Elongated Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, The Flash, The Atom.

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