Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Guitar Psychologist - 5-26-16

Little change in Unca Jeffy's personal life.  My therapist is retiring/moving on.  I have a new one all set up and I'm looking forward at a different perspective on things, but I will miss my old guy.  

Dave A. is about 70 and has worked most of his psychological career through the military and through the VA.  He's a big believer in musical therapy.  You see, listening to music does wonders in the brain.  It lights up a lot of different areas that sometimes don't get used and fires off all kinds of endorphins and dopamines and feel good things that fight depression, and especially serotonin.  A regular dosage of serotonin keeps Jeffy happy and not sad.

Well, PLAYING music fires up even MORE areas of the brain and gets even MORE juices flowing.  When you play music your brains dealing with math, motor skills, language skills, all kinds of creative areas light up and on and on and on.

Turns out that when you play music (an instrument, not just an mp3), your brain becomes wayyyyyyyyyyyy too busy to ever dwell on nonsense that makes you mad or sad.  It just gets to do it's job, and that makes it happy.

So sessions with Dave A. have pretty much for the most part consisted of me sitting in his office one day every fortnight and playing guitar and singing him some songs.

And it's really helped.

This reminds me of a doctor I once had working on me in urgent care that prescribed candy to alleviate a calcium deposit I had formed in my salivary gland.

These are GOOD doctors.

I'll miss Dave A.

Talk to you soon.

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